Spell Casting

Spell Casting Services

We offer ceremonial magick spell casting (see short clip below).

We are NOT practitioners of Wicca. We do both white and black magick spells in the traditional meanings (white magick is “gentle”, black magick is “forceful”) – depending on your specific needs and goals.

We practice Anglo-Saxon, European-centered witchcraft – the craft of the wise.

We do not cast hoodoo spells nor any of the Afro-religious practices such as Vodoun, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Obea, etc…

High Priest Angelo casting an actual spell.

Unlike other spell casters online or even at occult shops, we provide our clients “video PROOF” of casting their spell!

Our Custom Spells:

All spells cast are “custom” to your individual needs, obstacles and goals.

However, below is a list of our common spells requested (with a quick link when you click on the titles)

Spells for Love – Love Magic

Spells to Separate – Breakup Spells

Spells for Money – Business, Job, Receive Owed Money

Domination Spells – Force Someone To Do Your Bidding

Spells to Protect – Yourself, Loved Ones, Business, Property

Spells to Sell A House / Spells to Buy a House

Spells for Revenge – Cast A Curse

100% Guaranteed Results!

Because we call upon powerful beings to manifest the spell results, our spells work 100% of the time – guaranteed!

But before casting your spell, we always do a consultation to determine if we can help you – or not.

Please note: we only work with adults. If you are a minor, please do not contact us.

Our spells are permanent and therefore you must be a consenting adult that knows what they want and is sure of the desired results before contacting us! NO EXCEPTIONS.