Demon Spells

Have you ever wondered what happens if you ask demons for a favor? Read on!

Ravana, the many-headed demon-king, detail from a painting of the Ramayana, c. 1720; in the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, gift of George P. Bickford

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

The term demon is derived from the Greek word daimōn, which means a “supernatural being” or “spirit.”

Though it has commonly been associated with an evil or malevolent spirit, the term originally meant a spiritual being that influenced a person’s character. An agathos daimōn (“good spirit”), for example, was benevolent in its relationship to humans.

The Greek philosopher Socrates, for example, spoke of his daimōn as a spirit that inspired him to seek and speak the truth.

The term gradually was applied to the lesser spirits of the supernatural realm who exerted pressures on humans to perform actions that were not conducive to their well-being.

The dominant interpretation has been weighted in favour of malevolence and that which forbodes evil, misfortune, and mischief. “

(C)opyright Encyclopedia Britannica

Sorry to break the biblical is the only truth – but demons are technically just supernatural entities/spirits. Whether they are “good or bad” depends on what they are “doing”.

Angels? Well, Lucifer (a/k/a Satan) was an angel who fell from grace due to his sinful nature and trying to usurp God.

Please don’t let religious morality influence the truth. Look up words for yourself and find out where it originated from.

But I digress.

If you call on a demon, an angel, a deity etc… you must “trade” something.

There are no free lunches in life dear!

The trade can be thought of as a:

  • Sacrifice: for example, in many Pentacostal churches they say if you “give” money to the church, even if its a personal financial sacrifice, God will bless you or give you what you want. (Tithes, vows, offerings, etc…)
  • Animal Sacrifice – self-explanatory. The blood or death of the animal is a trade-off for your desires. (For example: some Judaic temples sacrifice chickens, goats, etc.. to YHWH God  as a ritualistic substitute for you/their sins, prayer requests, Christians believe Jesus Christ was the ultimate “sacrifice” on the cross for the sins of the world, etc…).
  • Food Sacrifices: In Haitian religions for example, they cook the loa’s (ancestral and intermediary spirits that help humanity) favorite foods (chickens, goats, rice, beans, etc…) – as payment for ritual prayers. (Remember, Haiti is a very poor country and this may well be a “sacrifice” for the family).

This stupid idea that you can just “ask” God to “give you something for free – even though you are aware that God sacrificed his own son for you) – is just ridiculous.

Stop being cheap!

If you cannot afford a spell, don’t ask for one. Even when casting it yourself, you have to “sacrifice” or “trade” your time, energy and spend money on ritual things like candles (as an example). Nothing is FREE!

When you ask a demon, angel, or spell caster to do something for you – expect to have to GIVE something in return – usually UPFRONT, before they work with you.

You do not have to sell your soul to the devil!

Just find out what it “costs” before making any agreements!

See? It isn’t that scary. Don’t let Hollywod and bible-thumpers scare you.

There is an old saying in The Craft:

“either pay NOW or you’ll certainly pay in the afterlife” – I’d rather pay NOW so I can determine if the “price” is worth the spells’ goal – rather than leave it up to some invisible being after I’m dead.

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