Custom Spells

Custom Spell Work

I am a high ceremonial magician working with Deities, Angels, Spirits of Nature, etc…

I can cast any type of “custom” spell work for you!

Custom Spells Examples:

  • Beauty and Attraction (to enhance your personal magnetism).
  • Black Magic Spells (custom-tailored for your enemies)
  • Court Case Spells (to win or cause an enemy to LOSE!)
  • Death and Revenge Spells (self-explanatory!)
  • Domination Spells (make someone do what you want – regardless of whether they like it or not!)
  • Homewrecker Spells (disrupt someone’s home-life, marriage, etc…)
  • Money Spells (win money, win lawsuits, get someone that owes you money to PAY, etc…)
  • Tormenting Spells (send demons and ghosts to your enemies!)

… Anything you desire – can be made manifest through a custom spell!

Fast, private, confidential, and guaranteed to work – but expensive!

Since 1999, we’ve been casting high ceremonial magick spells to thousands – and have a 100% guarantee of our work, but we kid you not, to date our payment processor has not received not 1 “chargeback” or “refund requests”!


Because our spells work!

We spend days (not simply light a candle and “done” charging you a few hundred bucks) – casting your custom-tailored spell.

When I say “days” I mean literally 24-hour work – taking turns with other coven members to cast, while I take few hours of sleep and then “back again” to casting!

24 Hours Continual Spell Cast For You!

I am the principle spell caster, but my coven and I “take turns” in the spell casting working 24 hours performing invocations and evocations of Gods, Goddesses, Angels (or Demons depending on what you have asked to happen), Nature and Cosmic “Entities” (Spirits) – so they do the work.

“They” (deities, angels, etc…) require both sacrifice and payment — and so do we!

This is why we cannot charge cheaply for work that lasts a LIFE-TIME!

Do not disrespect us by saying you cannot afford us – we are telling you upfront we charge thousands, not hundreds.

If you cannot afford real spells that work 100% of the time QUICKLY – please do not contact us.

Don’t mean to be rude, just wishing to not waste your time nor ours.

Our spells work – period. They work fast, the fee is a one-time fee, and we even go as far as to provide a 100% Money-Back Guarantee – if for ANY reason you are unhappy with your results.

I wish I could post my Visa/Mastercard/Amex processor statements – since 1999 not 1 refund/chargeback request!

100% Success Rate!

If you wish to actually see the spell work – and keep the results for your entire life – contact us for a custom spell today.

All information is kept 100% private and confidential!

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