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Custom Spells Cast For You!

With 30+ years of successfully casting all types of spells, we are here to cast your spell for you!

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Learn For Free!

Watch our Youtube channel “Custom Spell Casting” if you prefer to “do-it-yourself”.

Ask questions EXCLUSIVELY answered by me on our Patreon $13 membership tier “Custom Spells Casting”.

Have Us Cast Your Custom Spell!

We offer 2 separate payments:

Candle Spell Lit For You – Weekly candle lighting for 4 weeks on your behalf on our temple altar. Tell us your full name, any other name related to your request and your spells’ goal. Cost $33 per month.

Step #1: Select and pay the membership named “All Access Patron” at Patreon “CustomSpellCasting”

Step #2: After your pay the $33 for 1 month of candle lighting, come back to this site and use the Contact page to tell me your Patreon name, names of anyone else involved with your desire, and the goal of what you desire. You can even upload photos (optional and only used in the spell. I delete them from the computer once it is printed out and then burn the paper in the candle and “blow” the ashes in all 4 directions (North, South, East and West).

After the 1st month, most people see either improvements or the desired results.

However, if your situation is complex, or you wish to continue, you will be automatically billed by Patreon $33 per month for as long as you have that membership.

If you wish to stop, you can “downgrade” or cancel your membership at any time and I will simply stop lighting the candles for you.

Or you can continue paying $33 per month and ask for a different spell candle lighting. Just remember to come back to this site and use the “Contact” page to submit a NEW candle spell prayer request.

Custom Spell Casting (Cost $150)

A custom spell casting is done personally for you and it is a full-blown ritual. Just provide us with the names, birthdates (if known), photos (optional), and the desired goal.

How It Works:

Step #1: Head over to our Patreon page: and select “VIP Patreon” (cost is a one-time fee of $150)

Step #2: After your payment, come to and create a Support Ticket including your Patreon “nickname” (if applicable), all the names, birth dates (if known) and photos (optional) – plus what is the goal of the spell.

Step #3: I will confirm right on the support page receipt of your request, and the approximate day I will have ready your spell. I usually cast spells within 3 business days.

Step #4: I record myself casting your spell, and create TWO versions (one for you “unedited”, and one edited and “muted” for educational purposes).

Your Version = The “unedited” raw footage is of the entire spell casting for you. This is your PROOF it was done, and you will receive a private link in the support/tickets (under “My Tickets” in the contact page) – that only you can watch. It will stay up for 48 hours then permanently deleted to protect your privacy!

Public Version = this is the “edited” version. All names will be muted (never spoken nor shown on screen), all photos (if provided) will be completely “blacked out” so no portion of it is seen.

Why do I do two versions?

Because we forever delete your RAW/unedited version, there is no backup copy available.

And if for some reason you did not copy it down to your computer (it is usually several gigabytes as it is raw and unedited), or it got corrupted, or we deleted it off our computer and cameras and you didn’t see it… we cannot re-cast it again!

So, we discovered that if we make a backup copy, mute names (so no one can hear), block/blur photos (so no one can see) and upload it to a public forum under a CODENAME (we will provide you with that unique code name after we upload it, example: only you will have “MickeyMouse49” so when you see it, you will KNOW it was YOUR spell) – then you can see your spell having been cast.

The “public” version is viewable by all, but has NO identifying features and will remain up for as long as we like to serve as “educational purposes” only.

By purchasing a spell from you give us unrestricted use of your NON-IDENTIFIABLE spell casting video.

Your privacy is guaranteed and protected – forever!