Break Up Spells

Fast Working Break Up Spells

Do you want a breakup spell to:

  • End your partners’ cheating.
  • Separate a couple (married, living together or just “talking”)
  • “Steal” someone’s lover?

Listen, we do not judge “why” you want to break up a couple, we simply cast the fastest break-up spell that will work!

Our results are stellar – but we are not a “cheap” service! Why? Because our spells ACTUALLY work! (The saying “you get what you paid for” is true!)

All we ask is:

  1. Be honest. Don’t lie, we won’t judge or ask “why” you want to break up the couple.
  2. Provide real names. We cannot cast a spell to break up a couple unless we have names and/or pictures of at least one of the persons’ in the couple. (If you don’t know the other persons’ name or have their photo – that is OK.)
  3. You and/or the people affected by the spell must be at least 21 years old – UNLESS you can prove you are the parent of one of the people involved.

How Are Break Up Spells Work:

Simply begin by getting a free, no-obligation evaluation of whether your situation can be salvaged through a spell.

It will also include a time frame for seeing results, and the cost to hire us to cast your spell.

We will need true, real names, and optionally – a photo of the person or couple to be affected. (But the name is more important).

Please understand we guarantee our spells to work – period! However, to date, we still have not received a request for a refund due to our spells working 100% (but it is NOT cheap!)

If you are 21 years old or older and are interested in hiring us to cast your breakup spell for you fill out the form below and we will contact you with our assessment and details to cast the spell for you.

Let’s talk! Fill out the confidential form and we will respond via email (whitelist “” to ensure you will receive it in your email “inbox”.)

Important: We HATE spam as much as you do and will only reply to your emails to us.

*Required: provide your Full Name and answer all questions as detailed as possible.

*** Only submit once otherwise it will land in our spam box and we won’t see it. If you have any further questions – use our Contact page and submit a help ticket instead.