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Astrological Analysis Services Available!


Adult Birth Chart Analysis – for anyone over the age of 18+, this report analyzes the souls’ purpose, life cycles, and experiences, and sexual/romantic desires and needs.

Love Compatibility Analysis – requires the birth date and place for two lovers’, the report will go in-depth as to what makes the couple work, and areas of improvement. This is the “secret sauce” to learning the potential of a relationship!

Astrological Past Life Analysis – how has your past life, past life karma influence your life today? This report will tell you in-depth.

Astrological Souls’ Purpose Analysis – why did you incarnate this time around? Instead of analyzing your past life – this report analyzes “this life” and the real meaning of your life. It exposes hidden treasures that you need to find here and now for maximum happiness and your souls’ elevation.

Child’s Chart Analysis – this birth chart analysis for a child is the perfect “gift” to someone who is pregnant and/or simply to view what this child “needs” to grow up into a healthy productive individual. Discover their hidden talents and vocational aptitudes and soul needs to help them be the best they can be!

Marriage Analysis (when you’ll get married and if already married). If you are not already married, this report provides an analysis of upcoming marriageable dates when you may find your soulmate, provides you with an in-depth look at what you are seeking – and where (geographically) you may find it.

Already married? This report analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and gives suggestions on what you and your partner really need, giving you clues to keeping a happy marriage – happy.

Astrological Medical Analysis. IMPORTANT: I am not a doctor and do not diagnose nor make any recommendations. This specialized report is for educational purposes only and combines ancient assumptions and techniques at looking at one’s horoscope and based on calculations – suggesting physical needs based on astrological assumptions. This analysis is NOT meant to diagnose any ailment nor condition!

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